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We Are What We See: The truth about our generation

People believe that our generation has problems, but they just commonly put the blame on social media, and they don't bother to look any further, that isn't the truth.
We are a product of our parents mistakes, whenever they mess up it results in us becoming a little more impure. overtime when each of those imperfections amass we become damaged,defective, and broken.
When society questions the broken state of the younger generation they are too blind to see what is right In front of them. We can not deny that human nature causes us to accuse other people in order to preserve our own innocence, but when the allegation is on such a large scale how can you just point fingers, and not look at the evidence that is presented. I am not saying that all children have problems that are caused by their parents. Growing up kids look up to their parents and/or guardians, they mimic what they see and that helps them form their morals. Some kids are capable of learning from their parents mistakes but others don't, and then history continues to repeat its self.

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