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A letter to Holden Caulfield

Dear Holden Caulfield,

You are utterly hopeless.

There I said it; you are condescending, loud, haughty and are a lost cause.
You refuse to accept help from adults and even when you do accept help you choose to be impervious. I know you despise me at this point but frankly I.don’
You have already reached the nadir of your life not once but multiple times because you refuse to put your guard down.

Well Holden, I am not an adult or your mom or your dad;I'm your worst nightmare and you what that is?
The truth.
And the truth hurts Holden.

I write to inform you to stop the ridiculous nonsense in your life. I regret to say that you seem to be scared of life. You have a strange notion on adult life when you yourself have not even faced that point in your life. How are you any better than supposed corrupt adults when you go around spreading spurious stories?

That’s right Holden…you lied, you lied to your classmate’s mom.


It was for your own sick desire because you used a human weakness for your own pleasure and that human weakness was flattery but not for the RIGHT reasons.

Another proof of your despondency is letting girls that actually like you and who are concerned for you slip away. Yes, Holden I know you know exactly what I mean; Sally. Why did you let her go? Do you think dazzling her with spurious claims of running away made you a good competitor against the Ivy League kid?

Did you even consider the possibility that Ivy League boys may be naturally gregarious or quite the opposite drowning in loneliness like you? What if Jane approached you on your date with Sally to talk to you? You should put other people’s feelings before yours; the world does not revolve around you.

Speaking of Jane, Holden, you are scared, you are scared out of your wits! You couldn't even talk to a girl that could have been your potential soul mate. You had others fooled, but I knew that you were scared; you were scared of the truth.

Is it possible that in your supposed misery and despair, which you brought upon yourself, is making you diffident to face the reality of your situation? Only you know the answer to that.

And so, Holden even though I am going on and on about the inveterate ways in which you portray yourself I chose to write you this letter because I think you do possess a hint of integrity.

Surprised? You shouldn’t be, you remember those nuns don’t you? The fact that you gave them a morsel of something indicated to me that you were not as hopeless as I thought. Did that not make you feel good inside?

A human weakness you undermine is our tractable nature. I think you act up because you do not want to associate with the human race. Stop being ashamed!

I just feel so bad for you because I want to help you understand that life is not about finding faults in people; it is about looking beyond it and surfacing the good. It is the same as helping those nuns, you showed them generosity and they exchanged ebullient kindness. That in itself is the buildup of integrity that makes life worth it.

You long to be a so called "catcher in the rye" to help kids from falling off a cliff but you can’t even help yourself! You fill your vacuous mind with unreasonable possibilities! They do not need you; did you ever think that those kids will eventually climb back up to the zenith of the cliff?

Focus on yourself and you could be a catcher in a number of ways. I also want you to know that it is ok to reveal emotion, say how you feel. I know you possess an external stolidity but express yourself in a respectable manner. Stop acting like a child when you are clearly not! You say Ivy Leaguers are “fake” when you scared Carl Luce away with your puerile talks!

You kept the conversation on sex and blind you were to Carl Luce’s nonchalance! If you can scare an Ivy Leaguer away, think about what it says about you? You are unsuccessfully interacting with people who eventually reject you just like how you threw your life away by choosing to fail every single school you go to.

Your rejecting life and life is rejecting you.

I end with this:

Embrace inner human imperfections, accept,

be kind
and do not let human imperfections shadow your views of everyone you meet and only then will your lonesomeness diminish.
Holden, act now before it is really too late…Your success life is most likely doomed.

I wish you luck in this cruelly beautiful world.

- A concerned human being for another human being’s sanity…

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itserraticThis teenager is a 'regular' and has contributed a lot of work, comments and/or forum posts, and has received many votes and high ratings over a long period of time. said...
Sept. 3, 2014 at 3:54 pm
This is brutally honest and contains a voice. Although you are very concerned it seems you could have emphasized on his good traits.
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