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Hey I m a normal teenager and wanna show a different prospect of life though a teenager’s eyes.

To begin with,

Imagine yourself to be 12 today.Tomorrow’s your 13th b’day and guess what are you gonna be gifted?Only lots of cautions , restrictions ,rules and nothing more!


Lectures about adolescence , talks about strange teenage whims are the only things we hear from grown ups nowadays. Isn't it?Its a story of every teens!

What ?Is Teenage SUCH an important age ? U mm..m on a practical edge undoubtedly it is really crucial for an individual’s grooming but hasn't it become an obsession these days?!There is no sudden change in an individual growing from 12 to 13.I mean,at least I didn't experience any major change in myself from my 13th b’day on wards except those typical adult talks from grown ups (which are quite boring , I feel now a days , don’t you?)

Yet due to the so believed”bad things “and the so believed “bad influences” we are constrained from doing things.Actually,many things.

Especially teenage girls.No going out alone,no coming home late from school (even though it’s for a study reason),no going out with friends and more and more and more.

But the question is what is bad in these?I believe , nothing’s ‘bad’ to a certain and its true extent.And we as teenagers should be exposed to all safe things in life for a better “us”.Always being in a cocoon isn't gonna help!We need to be given a chance to think over and solve our problems on our own. That’s what I believe,what do you?

More the restriction on an activity,more it becomes a mystery to us.And mysteries are always attractive.Thus,we’ll end up doing it secretly.So rather than doing secretly is it not better to do it openly?But TRUST should be the base of our activity.You break it,you ‘ll never be able to build it again.

Freedom is necessary , but should be made on trust not snatched on secrecy.Then, what is the use?

Is it true freedom?????

I don’t think so.

But as trusted teens,we do deserve freedom.We too have brains and NEED to be trusted.

CONSTRAINTS,RESTRICTIONS AND EXCESS RULES only create distances and misleading mysteries.

So today,friends,lets vow to WIN their trust from our parents today with a promise to never break it & EARN the freedom of our part!!!!!!

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