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A felony is a serious crime. Every nation is making tenacious efforts to free it from the felonious folks present within their agrestic boundaries. But here I am- dilapidating their earnest and conscientious attempts by putting rubbish in the mind of those members of the Gen-X who are reading this article. Though not very serious but I am also committing a felony. But what is my privilege in this? I will be privileged to see one of the readers intrigued by my article, going out in the world and doing some offensive work. Nasty, no?

The privileges may vary ofcourse. If a kleptomaniac steals, he would be privileged to satisfy his lust; on the other hand, the victim would feel deplorable. You might feel that I’m supporting such felonious executions; but actually I’m just showing you a different perspective of a felony which you might already know but would consider too petty to divert your thought processes in that line. But then, if you would have taken it to be that significant, my article would have been considered futile!

The robbers, burglars, pick-pockets and thieves must be having a strong reason to pursue such a hazardous career. The reason may be any- they might be adrenaline junkies; they might have children who would be starving for a meal or two, or to buy books for school. But then the crucial question arises- why steal? Why not go and sweep, clean, mop, do some labour, drive a cab or in other words do some job that doesn’t involve cops running after your life! But there you go again; they must have some very strong reasons which might be below par to us. Besides consider this, if they wouldn’t be stealing or robbing or breaking into houses et cetera et cetera; THEN, where would all the police officers go? Millions of people unemployed, billion children hungry!! Isn’t this another privilege of a felony?

Yeah yeah I might get critical acclaims to consider the OTHER side of criminal activities, the mass disturbance and stuff. But wasn’t the whole point of this article to temporarily efface out the disfavours of a felony and look at the somewhat sadistic privileges? Which is to say, the OTHER side of a criminal activities?

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