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Fitting In Is Overrated

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I think I was born in the wrong decade.

I don’t like the new millennium, I really don’t. I don’t understand the media, the people, the mindset.

Why do songs have to be crude? Is nothing precious anymore? A line needs to be drawn, like it used to be. Sure, hint at whatever your imagination can come up with. But there are some things that just shouldn’t be mentioned lightly.

What happened to rewarding creativity? Take the song ‘Big Balls’ by AC/DC for example. That song is one long innuendo, but that’s what makes it great. No one can say with certainty what those guys intended when they wrote it. Sure, one can guess, but the world may never know for sure.

And what about movies? Things like high school detention, city adventures, and forgotten birthdays frequented plots of 80’s classics. The blockbuster opening this weekend circles the life of a male stripper. Really? Innocent themes can’t have been completely exhausted already.

Maybe it’s the people who caused this change. It seems like no one wants to wait or keep anything private nowadays. Even the styles of today leave nothing to the imagination. Girls wearing booty shorts and skin-tight, low-cut t-shirts leave little to be desired. And it completely objectifies them. After all the work done by our predecessors to gain equal rights for women, this is how we repay them? Some girls quote the want for a male’s attention as a reason for this provocative dress. But fancy me this: if your efforts did work out and you did catch a guy’s eye, would you really want anything else from this guy? I mean, if your low-rise shorts and crop top reeled him in, what’s preventing him from following suit and splitting as soon as a girl in skimpier shorts and a shorter crop top struts by?

And what’s wrong with waiting? Our whole society is generally in a rush. I’m guilty of rushing through things, too. But some things should be cherished. Y’all know what I’m talking about, don’t pretend you don’t. This rush is certainly the cause of an increase in teenage pregnancy, but I’m willing to guess that it can be extended as far as causing the decrease in successful marriages. Think about it: if certain taboos become commonplace, there is no keeping others, like divorce, from following in the same light. In an age where 72-hour, just-for-fun marriages are condoned as good stories, and where the youth of our country often idolizes celebrities who take part in such actions, we are given a recipe for disaster. Well, for everyone but divorce lawyers.

The changes in people can be attributed to these changes in mindset. And it’s hard to resist these changes. Because, as cliché as it sounds, everyone is doing it. Part of the new mindset of this era in this country is that different is bad. And though you can try to fight it, I know I do, it can creep up on you when you are least expecting it. Your instincts can pull a fast one over on your brain and you can end up doing something morally regrettable, though also socially acceptable.

It’s difficult to get used to a world in which immoral actions are customary, and maybe even encouraged, by the majority of our peers.

But excuse me for not wanting to be just another drone in an army of small clothes, heavy make-up, unimaginative music and movies, and immature judgments.

I, for one, want to make decisions and be part of something that my parents, my grandparents, my GREAT-grandparents would be proud of.

And if that makes me different, so what?

Fitting in is overrated. Being proud of yourself isn’t.

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rkb1723 said...
May 17, 2014 at 2:37 pm
Interesting to see a person with a more conservative and traditional view on society. Even more interesting is the lack of upset people calling the writer of this article backwards thinking or brainwashed by their potentially conservative or old-fashioned upbringing. In modern society anything that is labeled as "progressive" is oftentimes automatically accepted and any nay-sayer is labeled as a backward thinker. In my opinion while it is important to move ahead socially it should not ... (more »)
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