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April 12, 2011
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most people have friends and some of us don't , those people who dont have friends is labeled loners.Well im one of those people who only have like one friend, alot people say it's healthy to have friends and you need to socialize. But i dont think so well thats just my opinion, i want to share a little bit on the topic of friends so here it is , you have good friends you have bad friends some you like and in some cases some you dont like. I dislike those people who have alot of friends and talk about there friends behind there backs and then when they see there friends they pretend they like them , i see no point to that.I say hang around friends you actually like and enjoy being around. Also another classic person is the person who has alot of friends and punk around them just to make their self feel good. All i have to say is take a look at yourself and figure out if your friends is the kind of friends you really want cause maybe it's not so bad to be the loner or maybe you just want to pick your friends wisely.

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