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The Next Generation...

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I feel bad for this next generation. I feel like all the people younger than me are sooo much s****ier than people my age are! They are dating sooner, kissing sooner, drinking sooner, smoking sooner, experimenting with drugs's sickening. I feel bad for them. They don't enjoy reading or writing, which happen to be my favorite things, and they are extremely stuck up. I feel bad for the kids that go to my old elementary school because they will never experience all the field trips we had. They will never have the playground. I feel bad for all those who are young or soon to be born. By the time they are adults who knows how re economy will be. How far will be be in debt? Will there be any forests? Any wildlife? Will there still be enough water? Will u be able to go in the water? Will there be garbage everywhere? Will people only be able to communicate by text message? There are so many questions that I want to ask, even though I know that no one has the answer. No one seems to care about anything anymore. No one seems to think about the future. What is wrong with people?

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