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Freedom and the State

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“The first premise of all human history is, of course, the existence of living human individuals. Thus the first fact to be established is the physical organization of these individuals and their consequent relation to the rest of nature.” Karl Marx
Freedom is the first and foremost thing that society must attain in order to be an organized Society of Equals. Freedom of the whole of the people, freedom of speech, freedom of cult, freedom to stand against a government, freedom to protest when our rights are being stepped on. Freedom implies a Society that is not a subordinate to the State, a Society that is not a servant to the Power.
To achieve Freedom, there has to be firstly a Government that is the direct subordinate of the People through a process of election, not the opposite. This Government should affirm, reinforce and secure Freedom in every possible way, always in accordance to Society. But in order to accomplish this, Society must be willing to accept this Freedom in every aspect, that is, it must be willing to accept a Real Freedom of the People, and not a Freedom imposed by a minority in benefit of its own minority. Freedom is for the whole of Society, this is an irrefutable and incontrovertible term towards Coexistence.
A stateless society is an utopist society from its very foundations. There cannot be such a thing as a social community based on individuals gathered under the laws of nature and the laws of their own Justice and Equality. Such a society is ideal, and being ideal, it is impossible to achieve. Such a society demands individuals whose Freedom is beyond the boundaries of others and yet in full harmony with them. All of this illusionary and utopist forms of society can only lead to a clash of ideals and a tyranny. We have seen the Bolshevik experience in the Soviet Union after the Revolution of 1917 which was the closest form of putting this ideas into practice, we have seen Lenin digging the destruction of the State from the works of Engels and making it an objective for communist Russia in his The State and the Revolution, we have seen this dream of praxis being turned slowly into a tyranny imposed by the bloody machinery of party bureaucracy.
As we have already stated, a State or Government that infringes its boundaries imposed by the individuals of a society, is a State that goes against all forms of Freedom and Justice predetermined for the coexistence of all inhabitants. A State that acts according to its own laws and benefits, that acts upon its own ideology wrecking that of others, is not a State, but a Totalitarian Government forced by an ideological minority over the majority. Such a State is the result of the firm and harsh ideological structures and ideals that are involved in the development of the Stateless Society denoted previously. This State is the development of a State guided by the so called “State Principle” which says “The State, being the supreme objective, everything that is favorable to the development of its power is good; all that is contrary to it, even if it were the most humane thing in the world, is bad.” Such a Principle goes against all forms of Freedom that should exist in a Society.
Society does not exist, only the struggle to make a society exists. Only the struggle of individuals in active participation of their rights and their Freedom, of individuals in active denouncement of their rights and Freedom, only these exist, not society, society is unachievable. Society is a constant struggle:
Make Freedom by acting
Make Justice by demanding
Make Equality by fighting
These three principles must be ever-present to every inhabitant of a Society. A State is a most fundamental base to the reaching of a society. The State should be bound to the individuals, not otherwise. A State in consideration of all its inhabitants must act in accordance to such inhabitants’ Freedom and rights without the favoring of such or such parts of society but the whole of society. This State is a State of the People; but this State is an ideal as well. For a State cannot be flawless and perfect, a State will always be conformed by a minority no matter how many times elected and how many times intervened, a State will always be looking up downwards on Society, a State will always have its faults and will always be corrupted no matter how many honest men conform it, for the State it is impossible to foresee or “satisfy with an even justice the most legitimate and pressing interests in the world. There will always be discontented people because there will always be some who are sacrificed” ; the State of the People is impossible to achieve. That is why Society becomes a constant and never-ending struggle; that is why Society requires the active participation of its members, and this active participation requires coexistence among the individuals in their partaking on the matters of Society and the State.
From these individuals must justice and orders proceed, from these individuals must the regulation of social matters, of politics, economy and education be addressed, not from the State. Coexistence is of fundamental importance for this.

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