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Health Care For All!

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I walk through New York City engulfed by deprivation and disappointment. I see homeless people who are not only entirely destitute and helpless, but also sick, limping, coughing, roaming with nowhere to go, and no one to help them.
I am in the doctor’s office in line to pay for my check up and the receptionist is harassing the woman in front of me. “It does cover it, though. I made sure my plan covered physicals.” “I’m sorry, ma’m.” The unapologetic woman retorts, writing out her bill. “But it doesn’t.”
I am in the backseat of a car being rushed to the Emergency Room for a flu, because my family knows the doctors will turn us away.
I am not a politician, or a governor, or a president, and though I’m not ignorant, I do not keep up with every bill that is passed in Washington, and yet I feel I must have a better understanding of basic human rights and governing than the politicians in Congress because they are denying the American people of the one right they should not be able to strip us of: Health care.
How does it make any sense that we can be denied health care or coverage simply because we need it; that because people who have a terminal or severe illness like cancer or leukemia, they are denied health care simply because the insurance companies know they’ll have to pay for hospital visits? That logic is not only ludicrous and insensible, it’s also inhuman and inexcusable.
To focus more on monetary gain and power than morality and what is right is not only shockingly cruel, but is now becoming a major downfall to the American government, and more importantly, its people. The time has come for change; for uprising, and influence that goes beyond the needs and wants of wealthy politicians and insurance companies; for the Americans who need health care to at least be granted that basic human right.
America is alone in its refusal to provide basic health care to its citizens, every other first world country grants this necessity to its people, so why should the eighth richest country in the world be stingy enough to deny basic health care?
There can be no more baby steps and feckless discussions, it’s time to solve this monumental national sin once and for all and provide basic health care to every U.S. man, woman, and child. It’s time for health care.

It’s time for righteousness.

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