May 5, 2009
By Eliza Goodpasture SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
Eliza Goodpasture SILVER, Richmond, Virginia
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Peace is a really big idea. It's an idea far greater than our humble craniums are capable of conceptualizing, so every mind gets muddled in a different place. People often meet roadblocks in there peaceful ideals, although they deny them. They are secretly afraid of peace, it's expenses, and the change it brings. They are afraid to pay their money, their precious dough, which could so easily be spent on a birthday present, or an extra extravagant Thanksgiving dinner. They are afraid that peace will upset their perfectly unbalanced lives. They are afraid of the change peace brings, even if they are a vast ocean away. People are afraid to pursue peace, when it is easier by far to sit tight and do nothing. And so peace does not prosper, because we stand in it's way.

But it isn't just war that gets us peace; nor is it only political problems that crave peace. To find peace, we have to choose, even if we disagree, not to fight back. To sit quietly by the fire and be happy that there are no planes with bombs in their bellies, flying high above. But some people don't sit complacently in their over-stuffed armchairs. They get up and struggle against the villainous wrongdoing their prowling eyes espy. They begin a new dispute, a new disharmony, a new peace-less life-time.

There will always be another someone who isn't comfortable by the fire. And they, whether they solve or create a problem, will make some change. They will sacrifice lives, money, and so much more. And someone will always disagree. Even now, with the Iraq war, when we've been at it so long, and had so much practice, there is someone out there who just got out of their chair.

We cannot solve the disagreements. They are a natural tax on life. What we can solve is the displeasure associated with this tax. We need to learn how to agree to disagree. One of the biggest disagreements in our country is that between Republican and Democratic political parties. Democrats and Repulicans often have very opposing views, but that doesn't mean they have to have opposing values and friendships. However, in the current state of affairs, not many people seem to realize that. Conflict and strife are an eternal monster that can never be completely obliterated. But we must perservere, and continue to fight, because only then will it be kept at bay. If we do not, we will be consumed.

Is peace worth thousands of lives, millions of dollars, and decades of history? How long will the peace last? For all we know, we'll have another war months after we've won the last. But are our lives, our checks, worth more than the lives we're saving? The lives of Sudanese children, the lives of child soldiers in Uganda, the lives of prostitutes in Cambodia; are we worth more than they are? Are they worth more than us? And how many will die in the process of finding out? How much does peace really cost?

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