Why Japan Would Be a Better Place if There Was No Homework

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If I ruled Japan for a month, I would absolutely positively ban homework. I've thought that I could also ban the army, and wars, OR just all the gross stuff on the sidewalk like gum and spit and who knows what else. But homework is much easier to banish, and it will make a lot of our lives much easier. I think it will also make the world a happier place, if it was just for one month.

First, the junior high and high school students will be effected by this rule. When they hear it, they'll probably freak out, but calm down after some amount of time. The teachers will have to tolerate the chaos during this time. The reason they will be happy is obvious: more free time, more sleep, and less stress. They could also spend less time wishing there were 25 hours in one day.

Then, the little elementary children will get happier everyday while they realize what no homework really meant to them: more playtime! But it's a shame how they won't understand how painful it really was as a middle and high schooler. They would have gotten much more excitement if they had!

After school, the rest of the family can get affected. If the usually grumpy teenager comes in the door all smiley-faced(without lagging the pathetically heavy books in their bag)The parents will be happy too, unless they enjoyed watching their children suffer in front of the computer at two in the morning. The little kids around them will be so happy because the kids who they look up on most will be able to pay attention (or so it seems) to them.

Even if the parents are on the conservative side, I believe they will just push them to study at home rather than giving the student a personal tutor, which is worse than homework. If their parents and kids can look at it on the bright side, they will have ideas on new hobbies and activities. If the students begins to hang out more often outside, they can find better ways to spend time than to crash the mall, like biking and skateboarding. Also they can become healthier with more sunshine and sleep. If students have more time, they'll have time to explore new hobbies, like learning to drum, or painting. They can begin to see many artistic talents in their selves. They could also redo their room once in a while, which can also be a lot of exercise. In a way, people who aren't even related to teens might get affected because they will start to look for stuff to pass their time with, and as a result will buy a lot of stuff from the mall and shops. So the owners of those shops will become happy.

I think the only people who will be unhappy are teachers and really, really pessimistic people. I understand that teachers don't exactly like grading papers, but they will have to change the system of their grading, if it mostly relied in the homework. But that will only be like for the first week. Not that I know anything about how Japanese teachers grade their numerous kids, because I'm from an international school. Of course the pessimistic people won't be happy for long, because as soon as the month starts, they will begin dreading the end of it.

In conclusion, I discovered that I can dream up so much convenient fiction when it comes to reasoning. I could have given a hundred other reasons why homework is bad for you, but since this paper was homework and a day doesn't have 25 hours, I have to spend time on my other homework. Which is also why homework should be banned.

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Dreamboat said...
Apr. 2, 2011 at 9:29 pm
Its not just Japan its everywhere.
Jsullivan said...
Nov. 11, 2010 at 7:42 am
:) :) :) :) :)
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