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Our current education system in the U.S. relies heavily upon standardized tests to determine things such as funding, admission to colleges, and the progress of students. However, this system has enormous flaws. Standardized tests do not measure creativity. They do not measure how good a student might be at drawing, or dancing, or telling stories, or playing the saxophone. They measure one thing, and one thing only, which is how well a student can sit quietly as they fill in the correct bubble with their number two pencil, over and over again. Standardized tests will never measure creativity, because they are a product of a system which destroys creative thinking. They do not help to make students into artists, or dancers, or writers, or saxophone players. They make them into machines. Everyone has individual needs and goals, and identical tests can not meet these needs or achieve these goals. Why does our society put actual learning aside in favor of its opposite? Testing elementary school kids until they cry is not education. It is idiocy. The ability to solve problems creatively is an incredibly valued skill in many jobs today. Einstein once said that imagination is more important than knowledge. We do not need more thoughtless, human machines. We need more creative thinkers. It is time to stop killing imagination. It is time to create.

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