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Do class sizes rmatter?

Imagine you are in that class you always struggle in. You get put in the back with 6-7 other kids. You have 35 people in your class. A little too much, don't you think? So class size could make or break your grade in that class. It's better to have a small class size, so, yes, class sizes do matter.

Wouldn't you like it better if you had a class of 25 or even 20? You could have more time to ask the techer questions. Therefore, then you could understand the material better and ace the test. So, a small class could improve your grades and understand the material even better! Come on, don't your grades matter!

If you had a big class, do you honestly think everyone will be on the same level when you are learning? A class of 20 would have a better average on a test, than a class of 30. You could say 1/4 of kids not understand the material and everyone else would get it. If you had that, would you rather be in a class of 20 or 30?

The only good thing about a big class size, is that you would have less teachers. But, really, that would only benefit the school board so they would have to hire less teachers. And I doubt that most people that are reading this are a member of a school board. But you never know.

In conclusion, as a student myself I would rather have a small class. On time, I was in a class of almost 30. I got put in the back of the room. This is one of my favorite subjects: Math. I ended up getting a C for the quarter (a half of a whole semester). So, therefore, class sizes do matter and should be small for the benefit of the students (that's who matter right!).

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