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High School Drama

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I had a friend who I thought I could trust with any information. Someone who no matter what I did they would always be there for me, but I was wrong. I learned with my boyfriends help what kind of friend she really is. She's the type to use people and laugh behind their backs. I was reading a text my boyfriend showed me that was from her and she said, "Honestly I only keep her around for laughs." What kind of friend would say something like that? After I found this out I was very frustrated and so I told her about it and she got mad at me. She has no right to be mad at me when she was the one who said such awful things to me. My boyfriend later showed me messeges also from calling me some things that I can not share on this. The moral of this is to know who your true friends are. You don't truly know who you can trust anymore these days. Like they say keep your friends close and your enemies closer because you know when a friend stabs you in the back it hurts because its unexpected, but when a enemy does such a thing it does not hurt because you expect it from them.

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