What Are you Eating?

January 18, 2013
High School cafeteria food has the tendency to be gross. Of course, this isn’t
always the case, but there are some questionable items on the school’s menu.

Let’s start off going over some of the things on the menu. You’ve got your pizza, sandwiches,
cookies, tacos, and pasta. I wouldn’t necessarily recommend eating any of these because you don’t
know exactly what is in them.

When you make your own lunch at home you can at least look at the ingredients and the
nutrition facts of the food. That is not possible when buying hot lunch.

The only thing you can see these ingredients for is drinks and cereal and granola bars, which are
fine because they are store bought. Everyone is used to these and don’t really question what they are
eating or drinking.

Most of the food in the cafeteria looks and feels like plastic, especially the pizza. There are also
some sandwiches, such as the grilled cheese, that look like they have plastic cheese in them. This isn’t
always the case though.

Every once in awhile they do something different and they come out with a good batch of stuff.
The pizza isn’t so rubbery and the grilled cheese is actually crispy.

I’m not saying that all of the food there is bad quality, but the majority of it doesn’t seem edible.
For example, the fresh made cookies in the back lunch area are made right then and are warm and
gooey. There are also chocolate covered rice crispy treats in the back that are very good.

Overall the food in the cafeteria isn’t the best quality but at the same time is still edible. As
someone who normally has to get hot lunch I would recommend making your own lunch in the morning
instead of relying on the school to provide it for you because it’s not very good.

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