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Money Is the Root of All Evil

“Fill me with your incessant I needs, got me checkin out those and checkin out these.” So said by Tablo in Dear TV. Money, the blood of the economy and the poison of the people. The growing need and greed in the rich and the reason behind the poor. It is the cause of classes and division, forming majority and minority. Money is behind living, the surgery and the medicine behind a dieing soul. It forms a country like the U.S or ruins it like the Third World. It is the building of a society and the falling of man. Money, in my personal opinion, is the root of all evil. It will ruin relationships, induce stress, and change a personality.

The ruining of relationships can easily stem from money. I'm sure you have experienced marital and familial problems. How many times has your wife yelled at you for coming home late? How many times have your children looked at you with an expression of shear disappointment and sorrow when you missed their recital, their games. Do you know why? It's all because of work. You know that you don't work because you enjoy it, you work for the same reason of all other people- money. In order to keep your company stable and going, in order to keep it in business, you need money. In in order to gain, you loose and watch as your relations dwindle. Such as the one between your workers and yourself. How does the guilt feel when you have to go through downsizing and cut off your workers? How does it feel to know that you ruined the look of a trustworthy and reliable boss in the eyes of workers that you've learned to know so well? Yet, let's take this farther, to the point that money doesn't also ruin relations, but you.

Stress is caused from money. The stress of paying bills, buying necessities, buying wants, even the work behind making it, is stress. You believe that it's just an emotional problem, you ignore it and keep working to keep not only you but also your company afloat. You don't even realize its effects. Stress doesn't just cause gray hairs, but also emotional instability, heart issues, panic attacks, insomnia and slowly wears down your body not only physically but mentally. Eventually stress, like money, leads you to become a different person.

Of course money isn't only the root of all evil but the root of personality. After so long of chasing money, wanting it, and surviving off it, it changes a person. The want leads to greed and the greed to selfishness and so on to bad motivations. After realizing the importance of money, you crave for it, and eventually you'll do anything for it. Lying, cheating, scamming; you twist yourself into something unrecognizable. If a man would rob or kill for money, a regular man, any man, why not you? After a while you'll realize the change, how you made a few lies, cheated a few people and stole a few coins to get the money that keeps your business running.

Money is the root of all evil, the stem of bad intentions. If you don't take action now to realize that money is a poison, a deadly blade, you could lose not only your family, but eventually yourself. Realize that money is just paper, realize the potency it truly holds, the point that it can destroy many things and with that realization make the right choices. Money is a double edged sword, don't cut yourself.

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gulalay wali khan said...
Jan. 8, 2014 at 1:45 pm
i am really impressed by this helpful essay .. alot of thamkx to the writer ..
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