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Encouraged to Go Beyond High School

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During tenth grade, I became acquainted with a branch of the TRIO Program known as Upward Bound. Upward Bound is a federally-funded educational program that assists low-income children with preparation for college. At first, I was a little skeptical about a tutoring program on the weekends. I did not feel like I needed tutoring since I did not have my mindset on college and or anything else educational. Little did I recognize that this program would help change my unabridged outlook on the way I saw myself in the next the years to come.

Upward Bound has positively impacted me as an individual. It has altered me into a socially conversationalist who is equipped to take on the tackles of the “real world.” It has also made me responsible in my household, as well as at school. Next, it enabled me to be a leader when no one else was willing to step up. By being a leader, I am able to communicate my argument effectively even if it is erroneous. Consequently, people are more prone to shadow me as a person.

In the Upward Bound program, I contribute my talents such as my inimitable writing skills to aid fellow classmates. After I offer them individualized tutoring, they thank me for my generosity and wish they had the skills that I possess. I also contribute by participating in open discussions about certain issues that are distressing on the community. By my input in open discussions, the program can incorporate my ideas into the original idea to determine the quickest and veracious approach. Consequently, Upward Bound will always stand on its own foundation after I graduate.

I have learned a variety of expertise about myself in Upward Bound. I am now knowledgeable that I can excel even in spite of the economic times. Also, I have learned how to step out of my shy zone and interact with more students who share the same interest as me. This has influenced my plans for my future because I, now, would like to go to college to minor in Communication and major in Biology in order to become an obstetrician and gynecologist (OB/GYN). This will allow me to become a motivational speaker to adults and kids around America and develop a medication for Breast Cancer.

As you can see, Upward Bound is an ideal academic program if you do not mind working hard to get to the top. At first, I admit that I was kind of lethargic; however, the wake-up call from my parents’ divorce encouraged me to aim towards the Heavens. Through dedication and commitment, I made it through all the tribulations. As a result, this program provided me with the equipment that I desperately needed to succeed. When I become a motivational speaker and an OB/GYN, I want to show people that there is a world that you can hold and that dreams are not abstract figments.

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