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Yes, it was one hell of a day today. With my every single cell already freaking out imagining my grades, it was really hard to concentrate on what I was doing. I couldn’t get enough sleep in the night because of the chaos going on in my mind. I woke up at 8am and ran to the bathroom to get ready. My mother came to pick me up at 9:30am and so I sped off in my Maruti 800 wearing my brand new dress towards DELHI PUBLIC SCHOOL RANIPUR [still trying to figure it out why is it RANIPUR instead of HARIDWAR!! ;)]. I don’t know why the usual two-minute walk from the school gate to my classroom seemed like the everlasting History period (no offense).
Finally I reached room number 2. i.e. ninth-b: my super-best class. And there sat my not-so-favourite class teacher Mrs. Rita Kishore. Immediately she handed my mother a form leaving me to peek over the stack of report cards. Looking at me, she gave me a sinister smile and started to look for my death certificate in the stack (it’s the same more or less). As she took it out I caught a glimpse of a certificate. My heart started hammering: could this really happen? Had I become the section topper of class 9th –B for the third time? Before I could be sure Mrs. Kishore smile gave it all. Yes!!!! I had done it! I HAD BECOME THE SECTION TOPPER FOR THE 3RD TIME!!!!
The euphoria of the situation struck me so badly that I started to cry out of happiness. Relieved, I headed back to my car. Then a weird thought came to me-why isn’t there a scholar badge in my folder? I discussed it with my mother and we came to the conclusion that probably they were not giving those this year. You know, due to all that CCE and crap. Mum dropped me home. It was really difficult for me to walk from the gate to the door due to the two heavy bundles I was carrying:-one, of the new books and two, of the utter glee on getting the coveted result. But. As soon as I reached my room, I started getting dozens of calls from my friends:-
“Arre kuch nahi hota yaar next year aa jaegi scholar. Don’t worry!”
“Kanupriya tune toh mujhse promise kara tha na ki tu hi section topper banegi aur scholar laegi! You let me down and that’s very bad!”
“Oye teri scholar nahi aayi is year? Tera naam toh list main tha hi nahi!”
Bewildered and confused, I called up my mum.”Mamma, everybody’s saying ki my name is not on the list of scholar badge holders!”
“Don’t worry beta, they must have missed it.”
Giving me some more consolatory statements she hushed me down. Then I called a geek-Shivangi. “Hello Shivangi how was your result?”
“Oh it was good. I got the CGPA of 9.0. And yours?” she said.
“Mine was fantastic. I got the CGPA of 9.6(more than you-hehehehe).”
“Congratulations you are the section topper. But it was really sad that you missed the scholar’s badge this year.”
“WHAT!!!!!????? Shivangi how is that possible that I am the section topper and I don’t get a scholar?”
“Oh yes. Kishore mam was saying that Tushar is the only one getting scholar from our class. You’re just the section topper.” she said.
I hung up.
When would she stop behaving like a nerd! I won’t accept it.
But suddenly everything just dawned on me-the calls saying that I couldn’t make to the list of scholars this year, the absence of scholar’s badge and certificate from my folder, absence of my name from the list. Everything fit into place. So the nerd-cum-geek was right. I hadn’t earned the scholar’s badge this year. Now I can’t aspire for a gold medal or a scholar gown in 11th!! All the year I had been praying to God-“Bhagwanji, please please mujhe section topper bana do!” but now I think I should’ve prayed-“Bhagwanji please please mujhe scholar badge holder bana do!!”
All the events of the morning came down crashing upon me like a missile- my excitement, those tears, the relief. The bundle of utter glee had finally started fading. Devastated, I lay down on my bed thinking how nature had fooled me so badly two days before April Fool’s Day.....

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hypermagical said...
Jun. 24, 2012 at 5:33 am
I really like this, Kanu! Your story is laced with a great sense of humour and spunk!
Kanupriya replied...
Jun. 24, 2012 at 5:35 am
aww...thanx! :)
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