April 13, 2011
Can you imagine getting your high school diploma out of the printer? Homeschooling is the education of children at home, typically by their parents rather than a formal setting such as public school. Homeschooling is becoming more and more common which is hurting children and their everyday lives more and more. There are many reasons homeschooling has adverse affects on children. Children do not get the social skills needed to live a normal life and their parents are not qualified to give the child a high quality level of education.
Children who get home schooled are deprived of interaction with peers. According to an article entitled “Homeschooling,” when children go to school they learn and develop social interaction skills which are needed in their everyday lives. Children who stay home to get educated, not only don’t have the opportunity to make many friends but they will never learn how to socialize with others. When students have an issue involving their grades they have to face their teachers. It is much different to confront your mom rather than confronting your teacher. Children who get home schooled don’t have the experience in confronting their teachers therefore, they will struggle when it comes to getting an interview or applying for a job. Children who get home schooled do not have the experience of confronting and socializing with others.
When students go to school they have teachers who go to school to learn how to teach. The parents that home school their children in most cases are not qualified to teach. According to an article entitled “Homeschooling,” parents cannot provide the comprehensive education which is provided in public and private schools. It has not been determined how many parents who home school their children are not trained to teach but critics believe ninety percent of the parents are not trained. Children who get home schooled are being taught by uncertified teachers and they are not getting the proper education needed.
On the other hand, many people feel that children who get homeschooled are much smarter than students who attend public. They believe that these children who get homeschooled are getting a one on one lesson and they can work at their own pace. They feel that the students who get homeschooled turn out to be much smarter than the students who attended public schools. Students who get taught at home do not get a sufficient education because they are being taught by an untrained adult. They might not be learning the right curriculum because they don’t have an official teacher helping them. Homeschooling does nothing but hurts the students in the future.
There are many mixed opinions about homeschooling but it hurts the children in the future. Students who get home schooled have no experiences and memories to look back on. They can’t even say that they remember graduation day because their graduation is picking up their diploma from the printer. Homeschooling just keeps them home all day and isolates them from the world around them. These homeschooling students aren’t apart of a school sports team or a club. How is that going to look for college? As supported by the research, children do not get the social skills needed to live a normal life and their parents are not qualified to give the child a high quality level of education.

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BeadingPoet said...
Apr. 29, 2011 at 6:57 pm
This is a well written article, but rather one-sided. I'm homeschooled, and am as 'socialized' and as knowledgeable about the subjects I am taking as my public-schooled peers. I am not 'kept at home all day' nor 'isolated from the world around me'. There are many clubs, sports teams, and activities homeschoolers can (and do!) participate in. Yes, there are some homeschooling failures, but there are many more success stories. 
Lilliterra replied...
Jun. 2, 2011 at 12:32 am
I personally beleive homeschooling can often get students a better education than public schools can. Imagine if you were having trouble with a concept in school and the whole class stayed behind to catch up with you? What if you were way ahead of the third grade reader and your teacher decided to give you the sixth grade one? What if you could call your teacher up at all hours of the day to work on that one math problem? These are some of the advantages of homeschooling.
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