Thoughts on the Old West

January 4, 2018
By Anonymous

People view different things as violent, for an example: you may think of your friend as not a violent people, but someone else thinks differently compared to you. Violent means using physical force to hurt someone a lot. That is my definition of the word. Due to Hollywood, the Old West have been seen as a very violent, but how much of that is true? Researchers have data that goes against that statement. Hollywood also are not a trustworthy source, through some people don’t think that way.


Today, America is a violent place as shown in last night’s news about a shooting happening again. From document 2, it is shown that the total number of homicides in the Old West is 45, between 1870 - 1885. That is 15 years with only 45 homicides, if you divide the 45 by 15, that means only 3 homicides for each year. That is a lot less compared to America in the modern day, and that is sad. People have said that America have improved a lot compared to that past, but in this area they did not.


From Hollywood movies, mostly everyone think that cowboys in the Old West are able to carry guns everywhere they went. This is not true according to document 5. The 1st rule does not allow anyone to carry weapons of any kind in the city. This is a difference from today where bearing arms is a part of the amendment. I know it’s not true that less guns means less violence, but it at least make it harder for people in the Old West to committed crimes. The 4th rule also forbid anyone to make loud, and unusual noises that disturb the peuce of the citizens along with fights or threaten to fight. This shows that they have more peace than what we thought. There is laws against violence and to prevent violence.


The war between the Native Americans and the military in the Old West may be a counter argument, but even today we have a war with the Middle East, and America. From document 10, it said that death of soldiers, and warrior are not that large, so that lessen the range of violence. It also said that Native American have fewer fatalities. The Old West have troubles in some area, but you can’t called them violent, if it does not happen all the time.


In conclusion, Old West is not as violent as we make it out to be compared the Hollywood movies. In true, it’s not violent in the first place. The Old West is not a violent place compared to today’s standards. I hope that people will do more research before deciding those things.

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