Heart to Heart (On a Dating App!?)

December 17, 2017
‘Finding’ love is as random as finding a new shortcut lane to your best friend’s house, or an obscure coffee-house away from the hubbub (which offers you space and cheaper latte): we find it when we’re least expecting it.

One really doesn’t have to try hard to find love. One stumbles upon it head-on- ready to learn, ready to fall and ready to venture one’s all. This could be an awkward stumble on a rainy evening in the bus-stand when both of you are in no hurry for the bus to turn up (and it doesn’t!). Or a rather significant one in the library, with curious glances exchanged over favorite books.

What I mean to stress on is, we have to meet first; then, comes the stumbling into each other. Meet, as in real life- so that we can see through the various layers of photo editing Apps and social media profiles. Meet, so that we can accept each other for what we are, not what we show we are. Meet, so we can remember the tiniest details about each other. Meet, so flashbacks can haunt us into goofy smiles. Meet, so we can make some memories.

I wonder how well ‘the stumbling into each other first, and meet next’ theory works. The entire idea of ‘finding’ love is missing- rather coming across any ‘other’ with desirable ‘datable’ traits is enough to seal Venus’s bond on a Dating App. This way, we only start falling for the idea of a person, not the person. We only learn to love the online attributes we admire, not the cons that come with it. People might argue, that’s what your ‘or’ list is for. Should it not work out with one, there’re millions of other people to choose from. Surely, there’ll be one (almost) perfect match, no?

Maybe, yes.
But, that’s the point.

Why force ourselves to ‘find’ love? Let’s be patient, and let love itself find us!

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