Black Friday

March 27, 2017

Black Friday is the day where price tags from nearly every store shrink significantly, offering an insanely affordable version of clothes, cosmetics, furniture, technology, and more to consumers. The shopping frenzy begins the moment clocks point to 12:00, and at some shops, right around Thanksgiving dinner.

I don’t love Black Friday because I’m obsessed with price cuts and materialism. I love Black Friday because shopping brings me joy and I love the culture that these hectic sales present. The enthusiasm for fashion is at a maximum, malls are packed with familiar faces and excited employees, and sleep is being sacrificed for shopping bags. It’s the energy and the chaos that I appreciate more than the sales themselves.

Sam ‘18 also relishes the day and has been partaking in it since “she knew what shopping was.” She admits to her impulsivity saying, “I’ll tell myself I’m only going to get one thing and I’ll leave having gotten at least five more items than intended.”

Sam thoroughly believes in the opportunities that Black Friday entails, holiday shopping being one of those opportunities. However, despite the potential gift purchases and amazing deals, she feels as though “some people go overly psycho and resort to violence.” 

Due to what Ben ‘19 refers to as “the buy buy buy mentality” of Black Friday, Ben prefers Cyber Monday, which is the Monday after Black Friday where online items are marked down. Ben says, “It’s easier to get overwhelmed when you’re there in person and impulse buy.”

Additionally, Ben sees an ironic aspect of the event and feels, “The reality of Black Friday is that it promotes saving but when people are so involved in the shopping, they’re just overspending.” It’s also not uncommon to view Black Friday as ironic in the sense that it takes place right after a day where we aim to appreciate the things we already possess.

Whether you see Black Friday as contradictory to Thanksgiving, pointless, frenzied, or as a dreamy opportunity to get a bang for your buck, it’s a busy 24 hours.

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