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The Mystery of Music

By , Newburgh, NY
Us teens sometimes...okay a lot of the times listen to music based on our feelings. We're happy: we listen to something upbeat that we can break out in dance to, were sad: we listen to something really hopeless and depressing so we can start crying, we're heart broken or in love: we listen to Taylor Swift. But is all this a good thing? When you're angry does it really help to blast a song that feeds your anger? This really needs to stop before you're not only thinking angry thoughts, but you are just an angry person all together. I believe in all our emotions we should turn to Jesus. Yea, now I sound like an old person...JUST KIDDING! I don't! I actually sound like a Jesus Freak and I'm quite proud to be one. I'm just saying, what if in all our emotions we listened to music not about us, but about our Savior. Trust me, we'd be much happier. And I'm living, breathing proof of that. Once i did an experiment. I had been listening to depressing music to feed my emotions and it made me feel even worse about myself and my situation. But then I decided to completely get rid of that music and only listen to music that could brighten up my day. A week later I was actually happy and not sad. Sometimes music makes us feel things that quite honestly, we shouldn't or don't need to feel. It is all about emotions. So shouldn't we try to make our emotions positive rather than indulging in a pity party? When we drive our emotions in the right direction life really does change. Consider the musician. Have you ever seen a pianist or a violinist perform? He or she is so caught up in the emotions of their music that they seem to have lost all awareness of their surroundings. The melody drives them to play with such passion. And what about worship? The words and music can almost make your soul soar. It's so amazing. And those are good, uplifting emotions.

So it's simple...the mystery of music is simply that it drives your emotions. Just make sure it's driving you toward Jesus and not toward darkness.

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