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Laugh Track: Dear God

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There is nothing quite as soothing as sitting down on a comfortable couch after a long day’s work to allow your brain to cool off whilst watching a comedy, let’s just say.

Oh, the vast layers of a writer’s comic one-liners; a true collage of humor and bitter sarcasm. A true case of the old, then again slightly new, ‘content over form’.

Still, how very accurate the screenplays prove. Although I’m sure I’ll find out if the story behind ‘How I Met Your Mother’, for example, checks out in a few years’ time. If not, perhaps my fear of adulthood will have fallen into utter obscurity.

Surely, with all our college degrees and schooling, the producers of these shows would have given us the benefit of the doubt and allowed us to come up with our own renditions of the very sophisticated content. Well, I ask for too much.

It has hit me recently that the aggravating laugh track is like a mosquito’s venom making its way through every victim’s bloodstream. The parasite has many victims, the same toxin flows.

Do not weep, Shakespeare. Dry your salty tears, Virginia. Perhaps mankind is not lost yet. I still cling to the belief, however naïve it may be, that one day we will not associate the word ‘modern’ with the image of superiority of machine to the inferiority of man. Or, in this case, the mindless consumption of image and sound, the somewhat dense mechanism of laughing when one tells us to.

Surely this does not stop at the term ‘laugh track’. The manipulation digs its sharp claws into our lives, tickles, stabs until it wins us over. But for now let us put this article to rest, let us bury it in the oblivion of our minds and return to watching, laughing, idling.

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