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January 27, 2009
By maartee SILVER, QC, Other
maartee SILVER, QC, Other
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Love can give you life but it will take your dignity and pride

Love can give you eternal joy but along with it is an unbearable pain

Love can give you a future but you would have to give up a dream

Love can give you the sweetest smile but it will also give you the most excruciating tears

Love can give you a life-long journey of endless bliss but you should also expect an unavoidable misery

Love can either be good or bad -- nevertheless, what matters most is how much you love the person
and how much you're willing to give.

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on Feb. 24 2014 at 12:00 pm
balachakra PLATINUM, Coimbatore, Other
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Favorite Quote:
people say that changes in life are acceptable...but whats true....
the changes are not acceptable but its adaptable

ah negative way to approach ur way of writing giving  the punch tag line at the end

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