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October 26, 2013
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My opinion on gay marriage is that it should be able to happen. Many people use the word 'gay' as a bad thing and make comments such as "that's gay" when they're talking about someones 'label'. Personally I don't think we should call ourselves gay or straight (label ourselves) as we are all the same;human beings. Although some of us like girls and some of us like boys it doesn't make a difference. I read a post the other day saying how the writer of that article didn't believe in gay marriage as God wouldn't agree but I thought God accepted us for who we are and according to the Bible he made each one of us different and unique in our own way. People say that people shouldn't have the same sex marriages because if they adopted children their children might get bullied for having two mums or dads, when more people each day are opening up about being gay, so it is becoming more used to by now apart form a view people who might disagree with this article because of their religion or personal views but as I said before we are all the same but God made us unique in our own way.

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