Getting back up through impairment

August 5, 2013
Sometimes, we need to be physically impaired first to heal from the past. This is such an oxymoron, but one that holds truth. I believe that becoming physically weak breaks down barriers that lie between enemies and transgressions; the other becomes more willing to forgive, to let go, and to grasp my perspective.
My wisdom teeth extraction, a procedure that almost every teenager goes through, made me realize how much I need to let go of the past. Being sore and physically inactive made me realize how much my family cares for me. No one other than my mom, grandma, or sister would sacrifice their weekend to blend spinach smoothies and prepare chicken soup for impaired system. My soul was healing too. Go away past, go away history. And let’s start anew. We need to be hurt, to feel dysfunctional and less in control, to realize deep inside that we are not always okay. Sometimes, we need to stop putting up facades and let our natural weaknesses renew our strength. Without vulnerability, how can we be strong?

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