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The Unrealistic

I think a lot of people's expectations on relationships, are unrealistic or very rare thing's to find in people. Now because I'm a girl I mainly know of thing's girl's expect or want, maybe I too want thing's I may never find, I can honestly say I'm unsure. All I know is I see girl's want guy's to stop everything and just be there to do everything for them, I don't want this. I see girl's say that all guy's are awful scum, and that their all the same, I don't believe this either. I see girl's who just want money, and material's, I'm not that girl either. I do however want a guy who's willing to help me, I want a gentleman, because I know there are guy's out there that treat girl's like scum. I would like gift's once in a while, but I don't expect them all the time. I want a guy who has respect for me, and my family, that we can just be our silly, or sometimes awful self's, because no is bright and cheery all the time. I want a guy who if I'm wearing heel's, he'd be willing to give me his shoe's and walk around with socks on so my feet don't have to hurt, I want a guy who hold's the door open for me even if it's raining. I want a guy who with just one look can make me smile like the fool I am, and with one text can make me get a million butterflies. I don't need to know where he is all the time, and I won't make him check in every hour, and on his "guy's night" I'll just let him be, I'll worry like crazy and be very tempted to check on him, but I won't because just like me he need's time to himself, and he has other friend's too. I want to just be able to sit down and watch a chick-flick and have him man up and watch it with me, I want to make him proud so when I walk by he turn's to his friend's, and say's " See guy's that's the my girl, the girl you've heard me talk about so much. She's my everything." Maybe I'm a hopeless romantic, scratch that I am a hopeless romantic, but I hope to find this guy I talk about. I don't want to be the girl who goes, after a guy for look's, money, for sex, or just because I feel like I need a guy, because honestly I'm doing just fine being single. I hope to one day meet the guy who brings out the best in me, makes me a better me, but until then I'll focus on school, family,friend's, and other thing's in life and....... In my heart I know I'll find the guy I'm waiting for, hopeless romantic and all.

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