That Saturday Night

October 24, 2011
She walked in her black and white coat hugging it tighter and tighter to her body. The scarf on her neck keeping in the warmth and giving her comfort. Her smile exceeded its original shape and her soul at ease for once in her life. there were no worries, no pain, she was in her own little world surrounded by so many people, the cars passing by, she was as happy as she could be with people she loved, yet she felt alone. She was glad that she decided to wear flats instead of her heels for this night was one that would change her life.
“Hey, we’re going to be there in less than fifteen minutes, hurry up and get dressed. We’re going out tonight.” My brother’s voice seemed cool yet it seemed as if he was out of breath, excited for the plans ahead. My sixteen year old mind couldn’t comprehend what could be so special on this regular Saturday night. In the morning I woke up like always, cleaned, cooked, did the chores all while listening to my music and dancing along to three days grace, and linkin park. Just getting out of the shower I got that call from my brother, it was already five twenty; I had less than ten minutes to get ready and go on this mysterious adventure. My hair was still wet and a mess; looking at myself in the mirror I noticed my styling crème and decided to use it to emphasize my natural curls. Hurrying up I didn’t know what to wear or what we would do so I threw on my red and black scarf that matched my plaid flats, put on my coat and black jeans and ran out the door. My brother was in his car with a smile plastered on his face, his girlfriend sitting in the passenger seat, getting in, he rushed off to a place that didn’t seem so familiar to me yet it brought back the feeling that I knew the place. Attempting to put my makeup on I realized we had stopped; my heart was beating fast for I knew this house yet couldn’t put my finger on whose it was. As a figure came out of the door my heart skipped a beat, it was my best friend who I haven’t seen in at least six months, Mike. He was eighteen and bulky, we met through my brother, we hit it off right away but he was in a serious relationship at the time so we stayed friends, he was the one who I could go to with my problems and he was the only one who understood my demented mind and didn’t judge me but listened to me and was able to laugh with me and cheer me up even when I was in the worst mood possible.
“Hey princess,” His strong voice echoed through my head and I smiled as I remembered how I got that nickname. It was a cold winter night, right before we left for the New Year’s party at my brother’s friends house I wore a skirt with matching heels and a red top while having my hair curled, I was the one dressed up compared to everyone else, and in my little outfit he said that I looked like I was a royal princess getting ready to go to a royal ball or something of the sort, and since then it stuck. “I haven’t seen you in forever, you grew at least a foot or is it the heels? And of course you look dressed up compared to all of us.” Looking down at myself my faced flushed with embarrassment, they wore regular clothes, jeans and sweaters while I went all out on my outfit without even realizing it.
“Hey, hey, hey you know I’m just teasing. No need to get embarrassed. We’re just going to hang out.” His reassuring voice calmed me down and as I looked into his brown eyes I smiled. His arms extended and when I turned away I saw the hurt in his eyes, “What, you’re too good for me? Of course I forgot the princess doesn’t give hugs to mere peasants. I apologize your highness for this rude and inconsiderate behavior. I shall be sent to the dungeons and punished for this behavior. Take me away.” I sensed a smile creeping up and before he could say anything else I hugged him, his eyes grew wide with surprise then he put his arms around me and hugged me closer to him. I could smell his cologne and its exotic smell was embedded in my heart forever. He was my friend, more than a friend, he was my best friend.
As we drove the forty-five minutes to Portland we joked all together and laughed, while blasting 107.5 Portland’s Party Hits the loudest we could on the radio. I felt safe, I felt at ease, at home. Seeing Portland my heart stopped, I was mesmerized by its beauty by the life it contained, the life I wanted the life that I dreamed of having in the city of my dreams. Passing on the bridge the noises faded into the background and I was in my own world, the water looked so calm, so inviting and the reflections on the water called to me, welcomed me into their world. I could sense the blue underneath all the black of the water and I longed to be there in that beauty in that world but that was mere fantasy. Slowly the noises came back and I was back from my little world. As we got into Portland passing Hooters the guys made jokes about the “hot” babes there and it made me laugh and punch him playfully on the arm. Our jokes subsided and we just drove in silence staring at the sky which was turning a dark blue with the lights of the city reflecting upon the water. I was at ease. We were in awe at this beauty.
Finally parking our car we got out. My brother and Alesya were ahead of us and we walked hand in hand past the stores, in the richest part of town the stores seemed to be so inviting yet pushing me away. I wanted to be in the open air. We started conversations yet were both deep in thought. My mind was in pure ecstasy. We walked on the sidewalk, only a small amount of people around, the aroma of fall was upon us and the leaves beneath our feet making music to our ears, the trees were orange and red, circling around us, with the leaves falling we were in another world, a picture perfect moment. As the wind began to rise up and stealthily slid underneath my coat I hugged him tighter because with him I felt safe, like there were no problems and no pain, nothing else mattered at that moment not pushing me away he pulled me closer walking in silence this felt so right. In a world where I always felt out of place, the odd girl out, the third wheel for once I felt like my life mattered, I felt alive, I felt real. The smile that was plastered across my face was a smile of happiness and love, it was a real smile, and a smile I could call my own.
Realizing where we were, we began to laugh, this was where we met, in front of moonstruck chocolate café. We saw that my brother and his girlfriend were staring at us like we were freaks; once again I felt my face becoming hotter than usual and with embarrassment looked down. Squeezing my hand, I looked into his eyes which invited me into their mysterious world and we went inside. It was like a summer day inside the café compared to the outside world. The music played quietly, we were almost alone, besides the workers and some other customers including a girl about the age of twenty sat against the wall, headphones in her ears, and typing on her apple laptop. We ordered two trays of melted chocolate that was still melting over a small candle with bananas. The lovely couple shared one and I shared the other with my best friend. We sat for at least two hours talking and drinking tea, in his arms I felt safe like nothing could ever pry me from his protective hands. We talked about everything and nothing, our conversations jumped around from one subject to the other faster than a cheetah running after its prey. We had the most fun ever, money wasn’t an issue but I couldn’t sit still for long and I began getting jittery, and he the same. We excused ourselves and went on a walk down the street looking at all the small shops and talking. We talked about our dreams and what we wanted to do with our lives.
“I want to own a place here some day. This place just brings so much peace in my heart. I just want to stay here and never leave. I don’t want a rich place just a small apartment not too far off where I can still walk here and take random walks at night. You know when you can’t sleep just get dressed and walk to the nearest café order a coffee or tea and sit there sipping it while thinking of nothing in particular. I don’t want to leave, the smells, the colors, all this it just, I feel like I’m a fairytale. My parents say that it’s so dangerous here yet I don’t feel any danger. I feel safe, and free; happy. Like I’m finally where I belong.” My soft voice pierced the silence, breaking any train of thought that was in his head.
“I know what you mean. I want myself a place like this someday too. Start a family, have some kids. Let them grow up in a community where they can be safe. Where I don’t have to worry about them twenty four seven.” Once again the silence was among us and we were both deep in thought. Looking at his muscular figure from the corner of my eye I saw him a different way than before, Did I really have feelings for him? I couldn’t, this was Mike. He’s too good for me. My brother would never let me. But he’s just perfect, the way he thinks, the way he looks, he’s just…oh my god did he just say something? Staring at him I finally realized he said something,
“Hey you here?” His concern was echoed through his question.
“Yea, sorry I zoned out for a minute. Did you say something?”
“I asked you if you wanted to go into that store. I know you like old artifacty looking things that look like they have a story behind them and that place looks exactly like a store you would like.” Looking at where he was pointing my eyes grew huge with amazement.
“Wow, do you want to go in there?” I couldn’t keep my curiosity at bay and without hearing a response I slowly began walking towards the little store. Everything inside seemed like it was a piece of history or a replica of the olden days. There were wooden teapots and cups, plates, spoons, forks everything. There were wooden masks and elephants and giraffes and just it was a city within a city. I was amazed. I didn’t see Mike for a while but when he reappeared he showed me a blue bracelet, the dark blue rock caught my attention and it reminded me of the sea.
“Do you like it?”
“Do I like it? I love it, but isn’t it expensive?” With a smile and the price tag in the garbage can he put it on my wrist, it was a tad bit too big but it was amazing. I was lost for words and all that came out of my mouth were thank you’s.
“Michael this is beautiful. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.” With a smile he replied,
“I knew your favorite color was blue and this reminded me of the sea you’ve wished so long to visit and I just wanted your love to stay by your heart. So every time you looked at it, it would remind you of me and of the beautiful sea.” I couldn’t hold it in any longer and I burst out in tears of happiness, the corny smile on my face was the brightest than the sun. He wrapped his arms around me and hugged me. Was this friendship or so much more?
“Aw, how long have you too been together?” The voice of the store clerk surprised us and we broke away in embarrassment.
“Oh, uh we aren’t together, we’re just really good friends.” His voice was shaky yet I felt a sense of a smile. Walking out of the store hand in hand our cheeks red from embarrassment we laughed at the memory of the poor mistake of the young worker. Looking at the time it was nine twenty three. We were together for more than an hour. I loved being with him and I didn’t want this to end. This was like a fairytale for me; I didn’t want to close the book, to put it down. I wanted to keep reading and never stop.
As the dreaded call from my brother came we decided to meet up and take a walk around the town. Walking I couldn’t stop smiling and looking down upon my hand and his bracelet laying there. Of course my brother didn’t ask for he was in his own world with his girlfriend. They were happy as I was with “him” yet I felt a sense of sadness, I liked him yet could we ever be? He was older than me, and this seemed too good to be true. I was scared of getting hurt yet I didn’t know what to do. I loved him yet I didn’t know how he felt.
Waking up the next day, getting ready for church I saw the bracelet, and I knew that last night was real and I smiled at the memory. Brushing my teeth and putting myself together I felt a sadness yet happiness that I got to see him one more time. As I realized that I didn’t know the next time I would see him I put on my prized possession and got ready for church. Finally grabbing my phone I realized I had a text,
“Princess, your royal subjects await your return.” It was from Michael, my heart leaped with joy that he didn’t forget me. Our friendship grows stronger every day and my love for him is sparked at every thought. The bracelet is worn out and old yet I still wear it every day, I don’t want to forget that night when I finally felt like I belonged, when I felt safe, and when I felt the true meaning of love. We never dated but we stayed best friends, my love for him had turned from loving him more than a friend to the love of a person who cares. I knew that he cared about me as I did for him and ever since we hung out and still have our own little jokes. I heard rumors from my brother that he likes me, but I don’t want to listen to those just yet. I want to hear it from him.

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Rebecca Joy said...
Nov. 21, 2011 at 8:56 pm
That is by far one of the cutest stories I have heard. I hope your relationship stays strong forever.
DeathRoseEcstacy replied...
Nov. 22, 2011 at 10:22 am
thanks :) that means a lot!!!
Rebecca Joy replied...
Nov. 23, 2011 at 10:33 am
Your welcome. :]]
Looeee said...
Nov. 14, 2011 at 4:17 am
I really like this its so sweet and innocnet...I hope he tells you he likes you too! :P
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