A United Community

November 17, 2017
By Anonymous

As in every community, my community has many problems that need to be fixed. These problems, for the most part, are the fault of those who make up the community.We are not perfect but if we work together as a team we can reach many goals and fix the problems of our community. Some problems in my community are littering, mistreating pets, and not recycling.

My community, Wilmington, has a big problem with littering. When I walk around Wilmington I always see trash on the floor. I see candy, food, wrappers, coffee cups, paper bags, napkins, bottles, etc . But I also see other trash that shouldn't be in the streets, for example, diapers. In Figueroa Place, since it's a street with no houses and near the freeway  I have seen many people throw their trash on the floor when they walk by  or when they drive by. As a community, we should do something about it. If I were mayor of my town I'll make a community group, where we would gathers and talks about all the problems around Wilmington. This community group would recruit youth to help out and clean the streets.

Other problem that I have seen around my community is the mistreatment of pets. Pets are also living beings, they are our best friend, they have feelings but that is something my community does not understand. Some families who have pets without them actually wanting them, all they want is to breed them to make money. Someone in my community sold a puppy right after birth, and it died because it was  a newborn and it needed to be with its mother.  I have also seen people hitting their pets when the pets do something wrong or just because they feel like it. There is also people that  when they see a cat they scare them away for the simple fact that they dislike them. If I were the Mayor of  my town I would build a shelter for pets because a lot of the pets around my community need a home where they will actually  be treated the way they need to be treated. But it should be a shelter where the pets are treated with respect, as if they were friends because pets are friends.

Another problem in my community is that we don’t recycle. These cans and water bottles also contribute to pollution because they are thrown to the floor and sometimes it still have liquid in them. While some people recycle others throw  cans and bottles to the trash. When they throw them away they don't realize that they are throwing money away. If I were a mayor of my town, I would make a group where we can contribute to collect cans and water bottles to recycle them. With that money we can buy food, clothing, and other things for the homeless. This is a good way to do an act of kindness, while also cleaning the community.   

As a community we need to work together to fix any problem in our community.  If we work as a team we can reach to fix the problems we have in Wilmington.

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