My Home, a Simple Wooden Structure

February 18, 2017

Although my home may not compare to the majestic, stately mansions of famous celebrities, it stands out as an extremely calm, safe, and peaceful refuge from the outside world of violence and the peering faces of judgemental people in society

Out of the many areas of my home, the family room is one of my preferred spots to wind down after an unusually hectic day. After arriving from school, I can plop down on the large sectional sofa and binge - watch popular Netflix shows, let it be Stranger Things or even SpongeBob Squarepants. Often times, however, I spend a great chunk of my time worrying about things such as our next biology test or the substantial amount of homework we receive at school. Indulging in relaxing activities, such as watching television, can help me release those burdens and let me enjoy myself. Additionally, I can spend time with my family, laughing and joking around as we don’t get to see each other much during the day.

However, I spend a substantial amount of time in my bedroom. Although it is not extremely large, it is filled with memories of my childhood and my family. On the rich two-tone painted walls hang timeless pictures of my family and me, along with portraits of me as a child.  Laying around in my drawers and bookshelves are puzzles and instruments, representing the activities I indulge in, such as speed cubing and music. Also, my bedroom is extremely tranquil and peaceful. Not much can be heard in my room, other than the sounds of people in other parts of my house. On occasion, however, I can hear the gentle raindrops splatter on the windows or the wind howling. After a busy day at school or a lengthy swim practice, I can lay on my snug memory foam mattress, nodding off to sleep and clearing my mind of everything that has happened during the day. This gives me the opportunity to reflect as a human being and focus on the things I can do to further improve myself as a person.
Most importantly, however, my home gives me the opportunity to be myself. I can watch Spongebob Squarepants or view hilarious fail videos, without being judged by the world outside. In a world where designer and name brand clothes are the norms, I can relax at home in a comfortable, baggy shirt and a pair of shorts, away from the peering eyes of judgemental faces outside. After all, no one is going to barge into my home, tell me that my ways are wrong, and force me to comply with everyone else because of a simple set of clothes!
My home may appear to be a simple structure to any passerby. And although my home may not be a multi-billion dollar home with endless luxuries, like heated toilet seats and golden doorknobs, my home stands out to me as a tranquil and a safe haven from the outside world, where I can do what I please and just be myself.

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