A Generation Born to Write

July 25, 2012
By HeartandSoulequalsInspiration GOLD, Peotone, Illinois
HeartandSoulequalsInspiration GOLD, Peotone, Illinois
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We are what we repeatedly do, Excellence therefore, is not an act, but a habit. - Aristotle

Stories…sometimes I feel as though stories are the only things I have something in common with…or maybe it’s more of a mutual understanding. They not only want to be read but have a unheard desire to tell their stories to the select few who can see passed the cover and into the world that they have hidden so carefully. As stated before one book maybe unheard by a majority of people but to a small group it will be the world in which they thrive for the next week or so. By the by you have to have the right ear for that story…for the book to favor you, the people who do not like reading are often the people who don’t like stories and many times don’t like have a spirit that will let them rest long enough to read a story someone else has conjured. For this reason it is my belief that these people would make the best writers because they would rather be out creating their own. All it takes is some convincing and lessons on grammar, spelling, and of course writing and these will be the people who will be the next age of artists, philosophers, novelist, and thespians, Etc. Not to discredit those who are naturally gifted of course. There are many who flourish already in the arts by means of their own choice, but as time goes on I fear their numbers dwindle. In our society today it is more about electronics and fast motion, moving forward into the future. In truth it has always been this way we just see it now by the means of exactly how fast we are moving. In this age we take leaps in bounds in a matter of years instead of decades or centuries. For this reason the areas of science and math are held to a higher standard and carry more prestige than that of the arts. On the other hand though they will be the ones in the history books we the creative members of society will be the ones people remember on their own. They won’t need records or books though some of us will be recorded. But in the very heart of the matter our names are more likely to be passed on by word of mouth for the shear love of what we gave people when they saw us, the emotions they shared with us for an evening, the thoughts that they contemplated while watching, the heart soul and passion that was and is rained upon them each time an eager young group takes the stage, or writes a book, or paints a picture. It is the true expressions of one ’s self that make people love you. Any of us is capable of losing their selves in what they love the question is will they?

The author's comments:
Looking around, I see so much potential, so much passion, so much drive. And i just think. What if they were all writers.

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