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A Dream World

This world is filled with questions. Many questions. My question is how to answer these questions. This world can make you crazy, after being overwhelmed with so many unanswered questions. I want to leave this world to enter a new one. The beach is a perfect place, a new world, bigger than ours. Timeless and peaceful.
The waves crash against my feet and brush back, pulsing back and forth live blood in veins. I watch the golden sun change the sky's colors, and float on thin air. I enter the ocean and i feel like I'm the one floating. I'm not worried anymore, i float on my back and look at the sky.
The sky opens up and grabs me, and I'm walking through yet another world. The iridescent colors all around my invisible aura. I'm not lonely, I'm safe and secure, watching the clouds move below my feet.
I walk forever, enjoying the embrace of warm feelings. I walk until the sky drops me, leaving me in a forest. I look around me and all i see is the beauty of life circling me.The soft breeze sway the trees and the dewy grass. Again, i walk forever, feeling welcomed by all that is around me. The deer and elk aren't even scared of me in this world. I feel at home, everything taking its natural cycle. When i reach the end of the forest, I suddenly find myself in a meadow.
It's an empty place, with only one lavender in the middle. I race to it and lay my finger on it. When i do that, an entire catalyst of my favorite flowers fill up the meadow, spreading good feelings. I know that all my questions are answered, and my world is nothing but ecstasy. I lay down, my journey completed, falling to sleep.
I open my eyes on the sand of the beach, still warm even though the sun went down a while ago. I go home, thinking of my dream. I left my dream world of happiness and understanding, back into this world of pain and questions that we can only dream be answered.

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GamerGirl said...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Like i said when you told me to read this at your!

you are so talented girlie! Lol you need to write more of poems like this :)


LizKolze replied...
Mar. 4, 2011 at 10:13 pm
thanks justine (: i wrote this one night when i was really sad because i couldnt answer a question about myself and i started talking to myself, telling myself a story and i turned it into a story that everyone can read :D
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