Conquering the world one can at a time

March 28, 2010
By Howler GOLD, Cerritos, California
Howler GOLD, Cerritos, California
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The Green Grass

It’s so beautiful of how we can all wake up to fresh air and be alive and its unfortunate for others who don’t or can not see the forest from the tree’s. Life will live on even as we leave this world, but while we are here, can we at least clean up the trash? I didn’t care at first, but when you go to other places such as New York and smell the odd smells in some places, you get an idea of where some left over waist can go. Why mess up this beautiful world! You don’t have to organize a team of people to help you clean up the beaches and parks, instead start with yourself and see if other people will take interest in you doing it. Okay, sounds cliche?

What’s more worse, breathing in trash every day or being kicked in the face by a horse? Both! Exactly, being kicked by a horse will hurt just as bad when you are trying to hold your breath for more than twenty-five seconds because you do not want to inhale a funky smell. The percentage of suicide will increase, not just because of waist but of smokers who think it’s cool to inhale tree’s and cancer sticks and blow it out into the air that recycles it’s self back and forth. Come on guys! It’s unhealthy! Do not be the rebel who will at the end believe he or she will get the last laugh when you will only be crying. Either that or choking because you have lung cancer and why can you not get high on your laughs instead of help from a blunt?
Let’s clean up the world! Help this place one step at a time, it could do us some justice, take the ghetto’s for an example, it’s dark dingy and the city refuses to put money down, but that’s how the rest of the world be and we’ll be flooded with trash and toxic smells that will end up killing us from its contamination. Soon this world will turn into a ghetto and you think the city or state is going to give us a helping hand? If that haven’t done so already then I wouldn’t count on it. However, I would count on me, you! With a pair of gloves and a trash bag we can conquer this planet!

The author's comments:
I just want to inspire people to clean up so the future won't look like a dirty place.

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