Affirmative Action Is Racist

August 12, 2017
By Anonymous

Affirmative action does nothing to prevent racism, on the contrary, it increases it. By implementing affirmative action, you are doubting the abilities of minorities such as blacks and latinos. In the modern era we live in, they have the same educational opportunities that all other races have. They can be admitted fairly along with other races, all relying on their own ability. They don't need affirmative action to get in. There are plenty of high-scoring blacks and latinos out there that worked far harder to get that score, and there would be even more without affirmative action. Without it, they would be encouraged even more to work harder and fulfill their potential.

Affirmative action is conveying the demoralizing message to them “without me, you wouldn't be able to get in.” That is encouraging minority races to rely more on affirmative action than their own ability, thus, lowering self-confidence and deepening discrimination they feel toward themselves.

In a community free from racism and discrimination, race should not be a factor at all. By putting it as a factor, you are using race to discriminate for or against certain applicants. By using affirmative action, you are being racist and discriminatory to non-black and non-Hispanic races. They exist too.


Asian Americans need to score a whole 280 points higher than a Black, 235 points higher than a Latino/a, and 50 points higher than a white on the SAT to be admitted, according to well-known studies. The SAT is not the only factor, but it does provide a representation of how hard the applicant is willing to work, and how determined they are to get in. Otherwise, why would it even be a part of the application? If you argue back that some students have a harder time in academics, that would be doubting their ability to do just as well. They can. They just choose not to.

I hate it when people make the point that getting rid of it benefits white men. The reality is, that Asians still need to get higher scores than whites to be admitted. According to an article refuting the studies I mentioned before, the percentage of whites being admitted only increases by .5%, but the percentage of Asians increases by far more. When people make these comments degrading Asians trying to stand up for themselves as “supporting whites,” it makes me furious. Do you ever see Asians whining in the news about inequalities toward them? Probably not nearly as often as other races. This is the first time I’ve ever seen it on mainstream media, and you better respect what they have to say.

I’m also tired of being categorized as having the same personalities as all other Asians. We’re very different. In fact, I could say that all whites are the same. They all value athletics over academics, do weird stuff to their bodies like tattoos, dye, and piercings, and worship idiotic celebrities. Not true, right? That’s what happens to us carelessly so often, it’s not even considered an issue.


That's not even including all the other forms of discrimination happening in the admissions department. Favoring athletic stars is pointless. It brings fame to the school, but the athletic star they are raising is only to entertain people. That's the point of sports. To entertain. However, the science enthusiast might go on to make a discovery that changes the human race forever. The social activist might go on to educate thousands of people in poverty. But the school decided to admit the athlete instead. It's a truly backward admission world.


Any discrimination during admission is unnecessary. Schools are not benefiting themselves by choosing candidates for their race over their ability. It deepens the racial divide inside them afterward anyway. If they only admit low-scoring blacks and super high-scoring Asians, the blacks and asians will not interact with each other. The Asians will lack respect for the blacks’ academic ability and the blacks will think the Asians are nerds. However, if a school admits both high-scoring blacks and Asians, they will come to respect each other and bond for their common interests, even if the percentage is small, the bond is there.


In conclusion, affirmative action is racist and discriminatory. Who cares about the proportions of different races in a school? In a truly “unracist” world, it wouldn’t even matter.

The author's comments:

Affirmative action is a significant issue in our country today.

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