What the World Wants

March 19, 2017

People have “roles” in society. A mask has been put on so it seems unlike that on the outside, but stereotypes influence how people judge others. But, most of all, the people who are judged are these populations of people who are “different” - LGBTQ+ members, black people, women, any religion besides Christianity, and many more that I will not mention. When you break it down to that, the “normal” is a cisgender, straight, Christian, white male. Being that specific is not hard to come by, but it is definitely not the majority of the world, or even America. Of course, those very specific men all go through their own struggles, and that “normal” is a stereotype in itself. They are put to standards as well, but they are not degraded and pushed down so far that when they look in the mirror, they cannot stand themselves.

These people are taking their own lives, because they are completely uncomfortable in their own skin. People tell them specifically that they are not good enough, or they cannot be what they want. These “different” people start to believe them, and cannot help but to hate the wonderful person that they truly are. As I said before, the “different” people are not the only people who this happens to. The oppressor probably only does this to them because they have their own struggles.

You cannot help that you are gay. You cannot help if you are black. You cannot help if you are a man or a woman. You cannot help what religion you were born into. All of those “roles” in the world need to be filled in some people’s minds. But, if we look past that, we can see that everyone has a stereotype, and most everyone will feel pressured to fill the the expectation of who they are. Nobody is who you think they are, and no one can force you to. You are you, and everyone should know that they can let themselves be the brightness in this haze of similarity. Break out of your shell, forget the stereotype, and beat this world of conformity.

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