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The Black Parade

mom is heartless, and I don't know how to feel about my father, my siblings don't care - they're selfish.. I've tried to show the light to the beautiful people I believe in, but they pushed me away and turned into a bloodthirsty monster. There's no love anymore, and what this world has come to is tragic. I'm sorry to say I'm a part of it. We all have our demons to face, I became one myself. People think I'm a terrible person, a heartless b****, but I'm not. I'm strong. What people don't know is I'm actually very soft-hearted. When someone around me is sad or angry, I feel it. When I'm with my mom, I feel angry. I just want to crush her like the hateful bug she is. Who I hate more than her is her boyfriend, he's disgusting, also a monster. People laugh at me or joke around about who I am, but really honestly, the Dead are better people than those who are alive. I would never kill myself, and trust me I've thought about it in the past right after my parents divorced and my dad was gone. I remember all those times I wanted to end life and end the sadness. I've filled the bathtub up, I've took a lot of medicine from the cabinet, I've held a knife, I've waited for a car to come by... I was alone. I was weak. I never let go and I honestly don't know what held me back.
All I can say is this: One day, I will become a great wife, a great mother, a great inspiration. I AM a great person and I will never stoop low. I will use my knowledge and strength for good. I am the savior of the broken, the beaten, and the damned. We are the damned, the lost, and the broken- there's so much more inside us. As the world is getting colder and hate fills the air, as we fade in the dark - just remember you will always burn bright. When I'm here no longer, you must be stronger. There's so much more inside us. We will survive. We will carry on, we will stand in pride, we will stand for all of those who gave up, we stand for the broken. Ladies and gentleman, we are leaders of The Black Parade.

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