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Tolerant? Open-minded? Enlightened?

Rascist, Sexist, Homphobobe, Hater, Extremist, Bigot, War monger, hate monger, fear monger, Stupid, Nut job, clinger.

All these dubious titles and more have been given to those the media, and current American government disagree with. They marginalize, even dehumanize anyone who thinks differently than the way they tell us to. But daily we're bombarded with how these same organizations are for tolerance, or peace, open-minded questioning, understanding.
Everyday a new story emerges, child detained for wearing NRA tee shirt...Christians in the military being facing court martial for sharing faith...Pro-life organizations being protested for "hating women."...Anyone who believes in secure borders called racist. To any open eyed observer this would seem like hate and prejudice, but for those who tune their minds to every word from the mouths of those who speak these words. It's normal. It's for "The Greater Good." "It's tolerant."
I have one word, one name that rings of more truth than the accusations above for these people; Hypocrite. You say one thing and with a sly and spiteful tongue you contradict it. I pity you, for the reason of your malice is ages old. Your arguments hold as much water as shattered glass. In the words of the great philosopher Socrates; "When the debate is over, slander becomes the tool of the loser."
To those who have listened to the Left's "arguments" and believed them. There's no anger pointed at you, you are young or impressionable or both. I have believed before. Now is the time to realize the hypocrisy; where the hate is truly being spewed from. We, as teenagers are the future, and to follow blindly what the government is spoon feeding us is to kill any hope the future we are in charge of has. Listen. Listen to both arguments, read between the lines. Educate yourself.
If we as the future of America can stand for what is right, what needs no insults because its truth and truly believed. Then, we may have a chance. Stop calling names to listen and love others, and maybe respect for others beliefs can really thrive.

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Guest said...
May 4, 2013 at 7:00 pm
You have a point. Slander sucks. However, you illustrate this horribly. You point fingers at vast groups. (the Left.) By tearing into slander, you yourself attack a massive group. Your article is hypocritical. If I would rate this, I would give it a 5/10. Good theme. Equally bad article writing.
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