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Are we equal?

As Soren Kierkegaard once said “people demand freedom of speech as a compensation for the freedom of thought which they seldom use”. We all want freedom form one thing or another and we all want to know what exactly it means to be free. Unfortunately, in our society, it is unlikely that will ever happen. Some would say that, here in the United States, people are finally equal. However, that is utterly false!

How can we be free and equal when we try to compensate for hundreds of years of racial discrimination? Americans cannot lose the shackles of slavery thought it has been outlawed so long ago. We cannot stop discriminating. Back then it was against Africans because they originally came here as slaves but, now, it turned the other way and African-Americans get more privileges and advantages because they have “less opportunities”. This belief that there is a need of compensation and lack of advantages is in itself a racist unequal and certainly not free idea because equality and acceptance of all races and genders is freedom.

The very term “African-American” is unequal, racist and therefore cannot be used in a country that is truly free. Why is it that we never use the term “European-American” but only “American”? And, yet, some still say that there is freedom and equality here, but, if there truly were, we wouldn’t say that. I was thought since I was two or three that we are all the same. I was never thought about races the way we are here and when I went to France I had never seen Africans, Asians or other kinds of people than Eastern Europeans. I was nine when I first saw a person whose ancestors had been born in Africa and I remember being curious but, after a few days, that became normal for me and I didn’t notice it. To this day, I don’t notice race or skin color, it’s just something that is there and if someone were to ask about a friend of mine, I could say their skin color but, to me it’s just a fact like the color of my hair. It doesn’t matter to me and I believe that a society like this is truly free and equal because we would be all just spirits whose persona is not influenced at all by our outer shell.

As nice as dreaming about this Utopia is, I know it will never come true. I’ve always been fascinated with differences in culture, beliefs and even racism and over the years I’ve read many books in and out of school and they all speak a hard truth: there will always be someone who will feel inferior and will try to make themselves feel better by putting others down. That person will always fight to maintain separate classes of people much like the Americans of European descent in the south of the United States who would not let Rosa Parks ride in the same bus as them because that would have made her believe she was their equal.

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