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How to Stop Discrimination

The crimes committed against the Japanese-American community during World War II were grievous and shameful, and should never be repeated. But how can we, the people of the United States, prevent racially based injustice in our country in the future?

It is my belief that all social change begins with education. Children, both in school and at home, must be taught from an early age that no one is better or worse than anyone else, and that we are all responsible for our fellow Americans. We should love one another as brothers, and learn to accept our differences peacefully and kindly. Diversity should be emphasized as a good thing, and not as something to eliminate. Also, education about other countries and their cultures can give people a broader understanding of the world outside of our borders.

Another important step in preventing further events such as the Japanese Internment is the formation of groups of activists who act as watchdogs and create publicity for minorities. These groups can publicize acts of discrimination, creating more awareness and transparency. This type of organization ought to help decrease the cases of racial discrimination by creating unfavorable publicity and pressuring government bodies to act against discriminators.

One last method of prevention for racially discriminatory events such as the internment of the Japanese-Americans is the empowerment of the members of minorities themselves. If they feel that they can speak out against injustices done to them and defend themselves against discriminatory policies, they will be more likely to do so and therefore stop such events before they even take place.

All of these ideas will help to decrease discrimination and injustice against people from any ethnicity, preventing situations like the internment of Japanese-American people from ever happening again. In a country that is as diverse as ours, racism and xenophobia have no place. We must be an example for the rest of the world, an example of kindness, acceptance, and peace.

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