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All You People Who Think You Can Change Them

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Every one of the homophobes who think they can change homosexuals by hating on them should read this. You can't change them. It wasn't a choice. What sexuality you are doesn't change WHO you are. If you were friends before this person came out, why would you stop being friends with them? They are still the same person.

I accept that I may not be able to change your beliefs either. But, what is the point? Really? You can't pray away the guy. You can't beat the homosexuality out of someone. What's the point in trying. You are wasting you time, and destroying the self-esteem of another human-being.

I wait for the day when all fifty states have allowed gay marriage. I was raised in a red-neck place, with all the homophobes I could bare to be around. But, when I was nine years old, my sister came out as a lesbian. And now, she's published two poetry novels, and is in the process of publishing a real one. i'm so proud.

The only question my mother asked when my sister came out was "Are you sure?" I think that says something about my mother's ability to accept, her wisdom, and her terrific mothering. My sister is going to be famous one day, and there isn't anything the homophobes can do about it.

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