Racism and Discrimination

May 4, 2010
By Barradas BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Barradas BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Racism and discrimination are like the hatred between two brothers that slowly drifts them apart. Since forever, races are seen as either “dominant” or “inferior”. Never has there been a time where all people recognize each other as equal. But as much as you try to change them, people already have their set opinions about race.

“Racism”. The idea itself just splits people apart. It separates us and puts us into groups. It creates the image that one race is superior to another. It sets the mood of hate between ethnicities. It is the very definition of hate.

The cause of slavery was in fact, racism. It is the reason why millions of African Americans were enslaved and forced to provide free labor. It is the reason why people force others out of an area just because they can’t stand being around them. It is why some small towns are inhabited only by one race. It is the very foundation of discrimination. And that, of course, led to segregated schools, bathrooms, water fountains, etc.

Racism is the reason why so many people hate each other. It is the reason people are divided into groups such as “superior” and “inferior”. It is why there are so many judgments towards other people. The hate that is shown by racism caused people that thought they were “superior” to capture the people they saw as “inferior” and hold them as slaves. The hate spread so widely that almost all of the southern Americans owned slaves. The ratio of slaves to owners in the Mississippi was 4 to 1. In Alabama it was 5 to 1. In Louisiana it was 13 to 1. And the list goes on. It just shows that racism made, and still makes, people do horrible things.

Racism and discrimination aren’t subjects that people come out of the womb knowing; it is people’s belief that one race is “superior” to the other that has made people what they are today. It seems impossible to change people, but the young children are the one’s we teach, for they are, of course, our future. Teaching them the right way to treat people and that everyone should be looked at, and, of course, treated equal will eventually heal the scar of hatred that is shared among us people.

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