Nuclear Testing

January 22, 2018
By ElQuako BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
ElQuako BRONZE, Boston, Massachusetts
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Nuclear testing is a far overlooked problem that many people don’t notice or think about. Nuclear testing is a symbol of power because of the damage that the government can do. These tests can actually affect the environment and cause damage to the area and the animals around it. Nuclear testing can be considered as an act of violence which could lead to serious acts of violence and terrorism. Nuclear testing can even contribute to global warming which can lead to even larger problems.

Nuclear testing can be translated as a threat to other countries and has no charitable outcome which is a waste of the country’s defenses and can affect people’s lives. The many governments of the world have done this. The most recent test was by North Korea and their dictator Kim Jong Un. There have been many tests.

Nuclear testing has happened in many different places and has affected people, animals and the environment. The testing mostly affects the animals and plants that live in the area which can cause a chain reaction that can affect people’s lives by reducing all the food in the area. The environment can be affected by all the plants and fertile soil being destroyed for miles. The weapons that are usually tested are nuclear explosives like the atom bomb.

There are many solutions to this problem. You can rally up a group or just protest against it. You could also start a website and let the government know what is happening and what they could do to stop it. The government could do a lot about this issue because they’re the ones who are actually contributing to this problem. This is a serious problem that not many people know about so you could tell people about this problem and make them more aware of it.


Nuclear testing is a huge environmental problem that shouldn’t be overlooked or underestimated in any way. There are many ways to help prevent this governmental issue that has affected many human and animal lives. This is a worldwide problem and it has been all over the news and cannot be ignored anymore so will you join the cause?

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