We Are All Humans

November 2, 2017
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The disgusting events of the New York attack that happened a few days ago have reminded me of 9/11/01, where multiple innocent people were needlessly killed in an attack that should not have happened.

During this attack, innocent people were murdered for no reason. They were humans, and they were killed because of one man’s hate.

The events of this attack reminds me that we are all humans, that we should all stick together, that we should all stand strong against those who think some people are less than others.

All of us are humans, we are all meant to live on this earth. All of us have room here, and all of us deserve to live.
All of us are humans, we were all created equally. Weather we come from religious homes, gay/lesbian communities, or different ethnicities, we are all humans.

All of us are humans, and there is no reason to treat people like they are less than human. No one is less than human. No one deserves to be treated as if they are anything other than the beautiful soul that they are.

There is no reason to kill others, just because of their different backgrounds. We are all humans. And it's about time we stood up for what is right.

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