A New America

October 17, 2017
By , ravenna , OH

Precisely 136 years ago we fought for our country, we fought for freedom. We were not told that we could do it, instead we were beaten down until we had to take a stand, that stand gave us America. Freedom. finally, we could create and build something new, we used what we knew of other countries and what we wanted to be like to model ourselves off of them, but we didn’t get those answers as easily as we thought we would, so we made something. We created a home, a haven where most were accepted, and throughout many, many years more people came along, more people lead us and they molded a country where everyone, no matter skin color, no matter religion, culture, or beliefs, would be accepted. But that's the thing we would be accepted, we were supposed to be accepted, but we were not and we still are not. We are tearing down piece by piece of what our founding fathers have built, we are destroying our fathers. We still hate, we still lie, and we still cheat, for the purpose of? For the purpose of defying America. If George Washington were still alive would he be proud? If Abraham Lincoln were still alive would he be proud? What about Thomas Jefferson, Martin Luther King Jr, everybody who has shaped this country?

We are united by states not by people, how is this a home when people are shot down in streets, when people are bullied, when children are scared to go to school, or families are scared of leaving their houses because they are scared of prosecution. This is not America anymore.

We the people will always be able to stand, we the people will always fight for what we believe in, we will always be hate and we will always be love, and neither of those can live without each other. But at one time a long time ago we thought standing for what we believed in meant death, but not anymore, we stand for what we believe in and that is living, which is freedom, and freedom is love.

Believe me when I say this, I am only a 13 year old eighth grader and I see this, So please know this, we will keep standing, keep fighting, because we will be seen and we will be heard and we will be the founding fathers as well as mothers for a America united by love and peace and harmony, let us be heard, hear our cries, hear our words, hear us. Hear a new melody of love crying out from America, a home where no hate will be allowed, where no prosecution will stand, were only freedom will be welcomed.

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