My Theory of Government

February 21, 2017
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In light of the recent Presidential Election, I feel that both Democrats and Republicans are looking back at this election shocked at the outcome. Both did not expect business mogul Donald J. Trump to win the presidency, after defeating several well-known GOP politicians and Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton. Now there is a large discontent from both political parties over the way President Trump is governing. I believe that both parties are right and wrong. There are certain aspects of the Democratic Party, such as socially liberal stances on human and reproductive rights, that will likely be praised in the American history in the future. In the Republican Party, there are also good ideas, such as America first, rebuilding our military, and taking away overreguation of businesses. However, they are both wrong on the economy. Democrats are too liberal and Republicans are too conservative in this aspect, and they should be moderate on this important issue. We should not give unlimited wealth to the unemployed when they can fake looking for jobs, but we also cannot let the rich take the most tax breaks when they should be paying the most. Thus, I believe in a system where both parties compromise an issue for an issue, instead of the same issue being fought over and no one ends up being happy. Hopefully one day, I can institute great change in Washington D.C. and let the people's voices be heard over corporate and private interests. That is when America will be truly great again.

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