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Am I the Only One Out There?

By , Virginia Beach, VA

This election season has been unlike any other. That is an opinion I think the majority of us can agree to. However, I think that is about the only thing we agree on. I'm seventeen years old, and I am unashamedly excited about politics. The leader of our country is a huge responsibility given to American citizens. We should respect that, right? We should have gratitude that the largest authority and representative of our nation is elected by it's people. A diverse group that unites under one leader.

We should respect that in this country we are allowed to be diverse, to have different religions, different races, different opinions, bottom line: we are allowed to be different. 

The media portrayed the image that democratic candidate: Hillary Clinton had this race in the bag, but that was not the truth. In fact it was a much tighter race than I think many of us suspected. 

I suppresed my ideas that differed from what was perceived as the majority's opinion. I thought that deep down there was something wrong with a minority speaking out, that I'd be rejected. 

But I was wrong. Not wrong about being rejected, wrong about being the minority. Why were the republican youth silent? Why did we pretend that we had different beliefs from what we truly felt?

Trump's success and Clinton's failure proved the American people favored Trump, the very person they claimed to hate online. Why now even though he's won, do I still feel as if I'm the minority. 


This is country that is free. Our freedom is fought for everday. We are country that is proud to have differences. And yet the majority of us were afraid to voice them because as we've all seen we are rejected, we are ridiculed, and criticized by the media. Aren't we tired of pretending that our views are not popular. Aren't we tired of letting celebrities and talk shows dictate how we should feel? And yet, even though I write this, fear still prevents me from signing my name. 


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