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Pledge of Allegiance Controversy

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Last week on the news there was a debate on whether the Pledge of Alliegence should or should not be said in school because of the controversial phrase, “under God”. Those who think the pledge should not be said claim that it is too religious for school, especially public school which is a non religious environment. However, I strongly disagree with this view. I believe that as long as America is still America we should keep the tradition of pledging our allegiance to our country. When someone says the pledge of allegiance, they are not preaching and they are not necessarily saying they believe in a God, they strictly are pledging their allegiance, homage and loyalty to their country.

The Constitution gives us the freedom of speech. This means that a person has as much right to say the pledge as they do to not say the pledge. The pledge should not be taken away because some people feel offended by the reference of “God”. They should exercise their freedom of speech and refrain from saying it, whether that means not pledging at all or omitting that particular line. Students should be able to keep the opportunity to pledge allegiance to their country every morning.

As it is 9/11, the country feels a little bit more united today, more than we usually do. We come together every year to remember a horrible day that happened to our country, a day that made us stronger when we united together. Today, particularly, many Americans pledged their allegiance to their country while they remembered the devastating day 12 years ago. This pledge reminds us that when our country of “liberty” and “justice” united together, we are one great nation. So why should this opportunity of pledging allegiance be taken away from us?

They Pledge of Allegiance is not based on a God, nor any particular religion, it is based on the loyalty Americans should have for their country. This is why it should be kept in schools across the nation.

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