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Why the Two-Party System is Beginning to Flop

The US has been relying on the two-party system for a long time now, and as we progress into this new millennium, it is proving to be more and more unreliable. It has recently failed the people of the US miserably and the future looks quite dim at this rate. It is ridiculously ineffective and a very lunatic idea that seems to still be ‘okay’ with the people of America. The true essence of a democratic nation is lost completely when the people cannot pick and choose their views on a situation given the context of the issue. Categorization is the enemy of democracy!
The two-party system we live by seems to be more for our politicians’ ego than what is better for America. Every few days we see a news article where the president is asking for a deadlocked Congress to work its issues out and actually pass some legislation. The problem is, Congress is now filled with politicians more concerned about being ‘Democrat’ or ‘Republican’ than making the decisions ideal for America’s future. This is a ridiculously illogical idea. At the end of the day, it is absolutely fine to go against your own party in some cases if you are making the decision best for America’s interests. Politics are politics because they allow flexibility, debate, and reconsideration.
On the other hand, the whole country acts as if there are only two ideals in the nation- either those of ‘conservatives’ or those of ‘liberals’. What about the ideals of America? Even though there are many concerns I have for the US, none of them can be solved unless we actually bring in a government that wants to think for America. How is it that we as Americans believe that our whole outlook on life, the country, the world, our friends, family, and society can be either shaped by wearing the color blue or red? At this point, our government is so ineffective, that some of my friends and I jokingly call ourselves ‘political atheists’, meaning we don’t believe in any of the two dominating parties because of our disgust with their dysfunctional conduct in our government that they have caused. If Republicans and Democrats really care about the people, then they need to show it. Rather than attacking each other through commercials and other advertising schemes, why don’t they actually do something for the country themselves? It’s easy to be an anchor on Fox News and attack Democrats or be a journalist working for NBC to attack Republicans, but why don’t these know-it-alls actually do something for the people?
We as a teenage generation have reached the point of desperation where all my friends and I talk about at parties is politics. That is pretty bad. Our parents’ generation has done such a pathetic job and failed us so miserably, that we have to think about the solution to global problems now, in middle school and high school. It is now about high time that our politicians start busting a move and figuring out how to solve problems ranging from the environmental field to global terrorism, because if we are stuck with solving them, a whole generation’s purpose will be wasted away. We are the most genius teens that have ever lived in the solar system, and each generation only gets smarter. It will be our job to take on the responsibility to solve global problems that the previous generation couldn’t do. All in all, we need to start thinking now, with an open-minded approach, rejecting the two-party system, or we will find ourselves stuck in the never-ending labyrinth of American politics.

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