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A Modest Proposal: Remove the Sexes, Remove the Hate

Approximately 12,343 people are born into OUR nation each day. These babies do not know who they will grow up to be, what choices they will make, what obstacles they may encounter, or what feelings they may develop. There is not one person--not one--who knows how he will feel in the future; WE can only comprehend the present. Emotions are unpredictable, unexpected. As humans, WE must adjust to the various circumstances and situations WE face and attempt to analyze and understand how WE feel. WE should learn to accept what cannot change and only grow to better ourselves.

WE all love and unfortunately, some of US hate. A multitude of emotions branch off of those two, creating complications and confusion, but when it comes to love, who are WE to judge?

This is two-thousand-thirteen and people are still fighting for equal rights and most of all, they are begging for respect. There are so many of US trying to escape from the mess WE have tied ourselves up in and this havoc is all because of what society claims to be socially acceptable. People feel like they cannot dress the way they would like to. Some women are still looked down upon, whether they are in the workplace or in their own homes. Transgenders are looked down upon for trying to be who they are and homosexuals are not able to marry who they love in every state, but again, what gives anyone the right to judge what is right and what is wrong? Religion? No, not if it creates hate, not if it creates pain, not if it creates suffering.

There is only one solution: to unsex everyone. The human race created this ludicrous idea in which every person was categorized into one of the two categorizes: male or female. This concept inevitably continues to bring disaster as it confines US to gender roles and rule and regulations and barriers that some of US need to break away from. If WE remove gender in OUR great nation, WE would bring the ultimate equality to OUR America. People could dress the way they would like to, women would not be subordinate to men, people could feel more comfortable in their bodies, and most of all, people could be free, free to love whomever. They could marry without a fight, without breaking any laws; while embracing their rights, they could express their love and care for one another.

Unsexing will naturally reduce the amount of conflict. People would no longer feel suffocated and confined to gender roles. WE would not have to feel suffocated. WE would not have to deal with these sad, constant internal struggles with ourselves, attempting to find where WE fit in and who WE are. WE simply would not have to worry about the gender aspect of things, WE would be freer and move a step closer to peace, to happiness throughout the nation.

America is the land of the free; WE aim for true liberty. WE aim for equality; WE aim to be whomever WE strive to be and to conquer any challenges, while making our own decisions and attempting to understand our own emotions.
WE do not have to have this war with each other, this war in which WE disrespect our fellow comrades, denying each other our rights.

As WE grow older, WE should spend our time to only better ourselves. WE must open our minds and become more accepting of others. WE must learn to love and push away the hate and remove the hatred that burns so many people. WE, as a nation, must open our hearts. WE, America, must promote respect. WE, America, must promote equality.

Let US face the truth: WE have emotions. WE can be impulsive. However, WE have control over our actions. WE can destroy destruction. WE can fix the battles WE have within ourselves and the struggles WE have with others. The sexes are just one obstacle that hinders our growth to become the best nation, an obstacle that WE can surely beat.

Approximately 12,343 people are born each day into OUR United States. No one knows who they will become or what they will grow to feel. Naturally, WE will come face to face with discomfort and harsh obstacles. If we remove the sexes, WE could make overcoming those hurdles a little bit easier. WE can make a difference.

I am a “woman” raised by a strict Roman Catholic family and I identified myself as a heterosexual. My life is comfortable compared to others; I know how I feel and my feelings are generally socially acceptable, but I have seen others suffer and I am tired of it. I know that WE, America, could easily achieve peace with just one simple instruction: destroy the genders.

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